A Walk down my road

I was in Manila for  two weeks getting overhauled in a hospital for a week, and staying with good friends there afterwards. It was nice seeing friends I never get to see and strangely. I saw more friends from Palawan there that I never see in town. Odd to run into more of them in Manila than where I live.

It's always wonderful to get back home after seeing nothing but sky scrappers, except for the verdant garden at the friend's house I was staying at. But for that little oasis, I might have gone nuts.

It was nice to go for a walk down the road I live in and see not one concrete structure, but the road. Here is what I like to see, not much of anything but green and verdant valleys. It help me remember why I love Palawan. I have been so upset over the approval of a coal fired electric plant and the Ocean Park in a marine sanctuary, I almost forgot why I live here.

Mangingisda Road. This is walking back towards my house from the Mangingisda Pier.

A very common sight. Carabao carts! Too bad the 3 year old cement road is already falling apart due to no steel rods!!

It's very common so see children ridding the carabao aka water buffalo.

Palawan cherry blossom. Not really a cherry at all.

Hidden in the forest 243 species of flora and fauna found only in Palawan.

Lantana, so bright and colorful. Butterflies love them!

Mahogany tree seed pods.
Milk weed flowers.

Star like flower on a tree.

Philippine wood rose buds!

Dried Philippine wood rose flowers.


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