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Dolphin Watching My new thrill

When Dave decided to buy a banca (a motorized canoe with outriggers), I was thrilled. We live on a small peninsula surrounded by mangroves, the South China Sea and Puerto Princesa Bay. I've read that both spinner and bottle nose dolphins ply these waters. These, I believe are spinner dolphins. Spinner dolphins can be found in schools of up to 200 individuals!  They like to feed at night on fish and squid and I read they like to do most of their jumping and spinning at night as well. I guess we were lucky to see them during the day. A spinner dolphin doing it's thing!! A lot of tourists come to Puerto Princesa, Palawan for the Underground River , I'll take dolphin watching over it any day...although I have seen the Underground River three times now!! Shot taken with a GoPro Hero cam in a waterproof case from above the water from the front of the bangka Spinner dolphins are considered small and weigh up to 79 Kilograms. Shot with a GoPro Hero2 cam, mo