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How MCTV15- Channel 15 Started

Setting the Record Straight As a major fundraiser for the annual 4th of July fireworks on the city of Mt. Shasta's local TV station, Channel 15, I wanted to put on a show about them.  I approached the City Administrator at that time, Joe Riker about it.  He then drove me to the Community center, opened up a door in the basement, we had to move chairs that were stacked all around, he took me to a corner where a funky tube TV sat on a rolling TV stand with an old VCR (we were already up to VCHR then) attached to it. Upstairs in the room where the Mt. Shasta City council held their meetings, there were fixed view, black and white security cameras attached to the live feed wire, and from there, the feed went to the TV and VCR. Someone had to personally go down to the basement and start the VCR to record the meetings each time.  When there were no Council meetings to air, Channel 15 broadcast text messages on a blue screen with public service, and city announcements. I called it t

Memories of Batangas City Cathedral

Immaculate Conception Cathedral Batangas City, Batangas Built-in 1851- photo was taken in 2000. As a child, growing up in Batangas, Batangas; it was not yet a city in the l950's, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, was an integral part of my childhood memories, just as it was for my ancestors from the time it was built. I was baptized in 1948. I am no longer a churchgoer, but the memories of this church seem to form a base in my core, and the essence is instilled within my soul. I was baptized beyond the doors in the back of the narrow, winding staircase in 1948. Every time I entered the cathedral I felt peaceful. I loved beautiful paintings, tall ceiling, and statues of all saints. I felt a reverence and desire to always keep the images alive within me. When I was about 8 years old, I even had dreams of becoming a nun. I watched every saint or biblical movie I could. I always preferred to go into the church when there was no mass. I liked being alon