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Wild Birds and Bees Subic

I love living in Subic Freeport . It's like living in a real National Geographic nature episode . Armed with my new Nikon D60 digital camera I've been taking advantage of the vast array of things to photograph. From wildlife to just the flowers, or even the view from my bedroom window. Yesterday a swarm of wild bees landed on the tree in the back yard. The tree is three stories high, and since we are on the hill in back of it, the swarm is pretty much at eye level. They don't seem to be the usual gold and black colored domestic US bee I am accustomed to. These seem more silver and black. I did a quick Google search and it appears this is a secondary swarm protecting a new virgin queen and will fly off when they find a more suitable protected area to nurture their queen. It's so close to the balcony where we hang out in the early mornings and evenings, so I hope they don't freak out and decide we are a threat! Although this is exciting, and something I hav