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Hectic exciting February

I can't believe it's the end of February. What a hectic month this has been. Seems like it was just Feb 1, and now the month has flown by. We had a friend of ours from Subic fly in for a few days to explore Puerto Princesa . He seemed to have a good time. He was the perfect guest, just went out on his own and did the things he wanted. We took him to our favorite beach an hour away for a native, eat on banana leaves picnic and we all enjoyed that. He's even coming back next week in March! Next Merle Deen who is working with the city of PPC for an intergrated tourism plan so everyon benefits from her ideas, and printed collaterals that visitors will receive. Great gal, full of energy and great ideas. We met her the first time we came to PPC in May of 2009. We took her to our Green Tech Eco Center and she was excited about the possibilities there. We did a lot this month with the new electric tricycles at the Green Tech Eco Center. Dave refitted some of the new prototypes wit

One Amazing Wedding- Singson- Michael - Jan. 4, 2010

Manila fashion designer Icon Oskar Peralta. The first Filipino designer to be featured in Vogue Magazine. In December of 2009 Richelle Singson invited me to be Godmother at her wedding to Richard Peter Michael.  Her father, a family friend, just happens to be the Deputy National Security Adviser in the Philippines, and former govenor of Ilocos Sur, Luis "Chavit" Singson. As far as invitations go, it was rather last minute considering I didn't have anything suitable to wear and most of the fashion designers in Manila were already pre booked and buried in orders for the holiday season. I actually tried some of the higher end department stores, but alas, nothing would fit my shortness. I was lucky enough to run into a social acquaintance in Facebook chat, Becky Garcia , who I know has great taste and also knows everyone around it seems, especially fashion designers. She turned me on to a designer named Oskar Peralta , who I later found out is an icon in the fashion