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Sustainable living

It took 10 coconuts to make the 2 bottles of VCO. The one bottle was full but I  had to use some to cook with! We have been on the farm now, not quite 6 months and I've been noticing how many coconuts we have around the place. First I started using the coconut milk to make various curries from around the world as well as coconut based deserts and also, I've found the coconut cream is delicious in coffee as well. I have been reading of the benefits of Virgin Coconut oil and bought a few bottles to use in cooking. So it was a natural progression for me to do some research on how to make your own VCO. Having read up on the internet, it didn't look too awfully difficult, especially when you have a helper who can climb those trees and grate the coconuts! Coconuts from our trees. Recently I have also been using the VCO on my face and body after a shower and it makes my skin glow, although I have to admit, I'm not overly fond of the coconut smell on body, bu

7th Wonder Undergroumd River Celebration Manila

Click to enlarge We were fortunate enough to attend the historical Official Inauguration of the Puerto Princesa Underground River as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, last April 21, in Manila. Unfortunately I didn't bring a pro cam so I just have a few snapshots to shot for the evening...but the opening show was great. It was made even more enjoyable because my family and close friends were able to attend and share it with us. Afterwards we sat near Mayor Edward Hagedorn and we were able to personally thank him for the evening and all his efforts in promoting eco-tourism to the PPUR. Former Under Secretary of  Tourism Cynthia C Norton, Cecile Limjoco, Mayor Edward Hagedorn, Diana Limjoco , Back: Dave Dewbre , Jerry Rollin and Avic Alcantara President Ninoy Aquino presented Mayor Hagedorn a plaque which will be installed on site at the PPUR The Puerto Princesa Underground River is a definite must see! We have been there three times! Mr. and Mrs. Rand