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Rambling about Palawan wildlife and Coal Fired plants

I live in Palawan and I love it here. I can't remember when I have been happier and more content. I love the greenery around me (I don't live at city center). The wildlife here is like no other. Where we live is where we want to be, and I for one will end my days right here on this green slice of personal heaven. This is Bindi the masked Asian palm civet that was brought to us to rescue. She was 3 days old; deaf and blind like a kitten for a few weeks. The first baby wild animal was brought to me last year on Nov. 1, 2012, was a masked Asian palm civet aka musang locally. She was just 2 or 3 days old we estimated.  Like a cat (although civets are not related to cats), they born deaf and blind. She was so tiny and helpless. I had to research online what and how often to feed her. The first night Bindi the musang was brought to us. Not much larger than my cell phone. Eyes and ears still closed until 2 weeks later. She cried like a baby with a high pitched screec

Exclusive Feature C Magazine May 2013 Issue

My story about Dave Dewbre's etrike project in Palawan was featured in C! Magazine's May 2013 Issue. I document his adventure in research and development in electric tricycles. Charley Boorman , celebrity biker host of Freedom Rider's Asia dropped in to check out the e-trikes and had a good time driving one around Luzviminda. The magazine feature talks about the evolution of the different models Dave has developed and he talks about the problems people are having with after sales service and parts. A very big issue in this new field. I also talk about how then Mayor Edward Hagedorn was the first person to convert a regular gas trike to electric back in 2008 with the help of Rolly Conception and how Dave became involved with him in developing the successive prototypes. On this page top photo is Dave with one of his 3000 watt electric motorcycles and his eT4 tricycle taxi prototype,  driving the half moon shaped eT3 etrike prototype is Mayor Edward Hagedorn