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Thoughts on Motherhood

When I first put up this  blog in 2008 , our daughter  Alysha  was only a year old and wasn't talking yet. I was 59. I was wishing she could talk so that I could communicate with her. She is now 6, (going on 30).  I have to say, it's so much better now that she can tell me what she wants. It was never my ambition to be a mother, and since the Universe contrived a  situation which removed my ability to conceive , I simply accepted it. In fact, I felt I had so much to work out on in my  youth, that it would have been selfish and detrimental to myself and my child to have had one. Me and Alysha on our farm in July of 2012 taken by Dave Dewbre Now that I am going on 64, I have mortality issues. I worry I won't be around long enough to fully teach her all that I want her to know about our world, other people and life itself.  I know that is counterproductive, and I do indeed try to live one day at a time and make the most of it. But once in awhile, I do prepare for the