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Just more rambling

Taken in January 2014 It's hard to believe that I'm going to be 66 this year. Now I know why people always say, "it's just a number".  The mind doesn't feel age, except in wisdom gained through life's experiences, if you have strived for it. The body, on the other hand, is feeling it. Not that I ever had a strong body to begin with. Mom, Helen Limjoco when she had breast cancer and was using only natural therapies. She looked great! When I was just an infant, mom said I had a bad case of chickenpox, and nothing my grandfather, a physician, administered would help. They finally called in an "albolario", as they are called here in the Philippines, at least where I'm from. She was a natural herbal healer. She simply boiled some gauva leaves and had them bathe me in the guava water until I showed signs of improvement. Which apparently I did soon after the treatment. My proclivity towards more natural forms of healing have persiste