One Amazing Wedding- Singson- Michael - Jan. 4, 2010

Manila fashion designer Icon
Oskar Peralta. The first Filipino designer
to be featured in Vogue Magazine.
In December of 2009 Richelle Singson invited me to be Godmother at her wedding to Richard Peter Michael.  Her father, a family friend, just happens to be the Deputy National Security Adviser in the Philippines, and former govenor of Ilocos Sur, Luis "Chavit" Singson. As far as invitations go, it was rather last minute considering I didn't have anything suitable to wear and most of the fashion designers in Manila were already pre booked and buried in orders for the holiday season. I actually tried some of the higher end department stores, but alas, nothing would fit my shortness.

I was lucky enough to run into a social acquaintance in Facebook chat, Becky Garcia, who I know has great taste and also knows everyone around it seems, especially fashion designers. She turned me on to a designer named Oskar Peralta, who I later found out is an icon in the fashion world. I was in Manila for a doctor's appointment early in December and Oskar was kind enough to fit me in my hotel room and then made an ink drawing in less than 5 minutes, of what he thought would be flattering on my small stature. The scary part was that I would not be back in Manila to try on the gown until 2 days before the wedding, so if there were major adjustmests, I was afraid he wouldn't have time to change anything. My fears turned out be be unfounded and the dress, with minor adjustments was delivered to my hotel room in enough time the day of the wedding.

L to R: Diana Limjoco, Philippine President Gloria M Arroyo,
bride Richelle, Groom Richard Peter Michael, Phil Vice President
Noli de Castro.
What I didn't know until after I ordered the dress was that the bride had 37 other Godmothers and Godfathers that included Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Vice President Noli de Castro, Former First Lady Imelda Marcos, her son Congressman Bong Bong Marcos, two major Presidential candidates, Manny Villar and Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro, and many more congressmen, senators and other notables!  I couldn't help but feel paranoid! Had anyone decided to bomb the event, it would have taken out the heads of state, the two most popular Presidential candidates, and half the candidates it seems, including our national boxing champion and hero, Manny Pacquiao!

It all started off well enough, we picked up my cousin Tata McNamee who was also attending and we got to the church, St. James the Great Parish, in Ayala Alabang Village with time to spare. We went inside the church to get good seats for my hubby Dave and Tata, and I went to the back of the church to lineup with all the notables to wait for the wedding march to begin.

Gov. Singson, Diana, President Gloria
M Arroyo
All went well, the wedding ritual was beautiful and the bride and groom had their teary eyed moment saying their respective vows. Then all Godmothers were called to the altar to have the formal photo with the bride and groom. This is where it all went south for me. When all the other Godmothers were done, there was a small moment in time while they gathered the Godfathers. I took this opportunity to get my solo shot with the bride and groom along with President Arroyo and VP Noli de Castro. Two perfect shots and I sallied down the steps, only to trip on my gown. I slid, rather gracefully I might add, right onto my BUTT down the marble steps in front of one and all!!! When I finally landed, one of the Mayor's offered me his hand and I raised myself up with as much dignity as I could muster. What I really wanted to do was crawl under a rock!! However, not being a quitter and not wanting to totally shame my family honor, I stood right back up in front of the altar and pretended I still had some composure.

Dave, Tata and I decided to head to the reception at the beautiful Byzantine Fernbrook Garden thus I was able to avoid the looks of pity and I had time to go into denial about the whole thing by the time we got to the reception. Somehow one of the waiters managed to spill some grease on my beautiful gown without me knowing it, until Dave pointed it out to me. Well nothing to be done for it there. Strike two for this event. I took it in stride. It was nothing to falling on my butt at the church.
Dave Dewbre, Diana Limjoco, boxing champion and
PI Icon Manny Paciquiao

We walked around and talked to those we knew. I walked around getting the invitation signed by as many of the Godparents I could find and then I sprained my ankle. I couldn't believe my bad luck. I managed to hobble to our table where I remained with a napkin full of ice on my ankle,which I asked one of the waiters to get for me. My spirits totally whacked out at this point, and in a great deal of pain, I asked for a wheel chair to be brought to me, and we skulked out a side door, with only a couple of tables witnessing my horrible luck. But of course as someone else pointed out, I looked great, and I guess that was all that mattered!

Dave Dewbre, Diana Limjoco, Imelda Marcos and Tata Roxas McNamee

The beautiful bride, Richel Louise Singson Michael, and handsome groom, Richard Peter Michael


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