Ramon Limjoco 90th Birthday Dinner

We had scheduled a party for my dad's 90th birthday, with over 30 guests and family, to be held Front row left to right: Kenny Limjoco, Ramon A Limjoco, dad's daughter-in-law, Cecile Carrion Limjoco, son, Randy Limjoco Back left to right:grand daughter, Kathy Limjoco Sison, wife, Helen Limjoco(our mom), Diana Limjoco, and in back is Dave my hubby.It was raining so hard, we surely didn't expect them to drive 2 hours in a deluge, so we were all so thrilled and appreciative they braved the weather!at a restaurant in Subic Freeport. During that week dad didn't feel well so he asked me to cancel the party, and I was in Hong Kong with Dave! I sent out email cancellations but they didn't get theirs and wound up at the restaurant only to find no one there. Front row left to right-Grandson Kenny Limjoco, husband,Ramon A Limjoco, daughter-in-law, Cecile Carrion Limjoco, son, Randy Limjoco, Back row: left to right: grand daughter Kathy Limjoco Sison, mom, Helen Limjoco (our mom), Diana Limjoco and in back is Dave my hubby.

Kenny, Ramon, Cecile and Randy Limjoco with my hubby and dad's son in law, Dave Dewbre in back.
Dad didn't make a wish as he said all his wishes came true
just having his family there.
I directed them to our house, and didn't tell dad till they were there. It was quite dim and dad is legally blind now, so he didn't even see them come in.

Dad wanted just the 4 of us to have a quiet dinner, but since it was such a momentous birthday, 90, I decided at the last minute to include two gal pals who just live a few houses down. One friend brought her fiancé. We had another young chap who might write dad's bio there too. Then another friend who didn't get the cancellation called and we had her come too, for a total of 5 adult guests and two children of one of my gal pals.

Thank goodness when my brother and family arrived, we at least had quite enough food to go around as by then they were starved. They brought a yummy birthday cake with Happy 90th written on it and saved the day as mom and failed in that department since it was only going to be us 4 for dinner, we didn't get a special one made. Mom had some desert he liked, but not with Happy 90th on it!

When it came time for my dad to blow out the 1 candle, we didn't want to burn the house down with 90 candles and take an hour to light them ahhaha (he might have fallen asleep by then), he thought long and then said, "Well goodness, I have no more wishes as my wish came true with both my children, their spouses, grandkids and 1 great grandson here right now!" My neice, Kathy Limjoco Sison and dad Ramon A Limjoco. Parting shot!


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