Trip to Chavit Singson's Baluarte

Dave and I were invited to fly up to Baluarte, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, with our compadre Chavit Singson to experience first hand his beloved zoo.

There are camels, orangotangs, ostriches, tigers, Palawan bear cats, birds of many kinds. Reptiles galore...not my thing but a couple of the guests braved the up close encounter! Even draping one around her! I touched it, but the thing was so much bigger than me and I thought perhaps I looked more like a meal to it than anything I kept a safe distance!At the free animal show (actually everything is free at the Baluarte zoo), the audience is invited to participate, many kids and kids at heart including myself, got to hold the animals and experience them first hand. I was lucky enough to get a sugar glider. Soft and furry, cute and sweet, unlike the next guest who got a lizard and then next a snake!

I especially enjoyed playing with the organgotangs. And I loved the birds and butterfly garden.I got to take a pony ride in a mini got and that was fun.

To read more about Chavit Singson and his Baluarte zoo go to his official website at:

The zoon is open 7 days a week and the admittance is free. Even the rides are free so go on and visit it. It's worth it and the price is right. 

Chavit Singson enjoying one of the animal shows with his guestsOne of the several camels at Baluarte


Anonymous said…
nice page Hon keep up the good work : )
Anonymous said…
Hi my dear...

I'm trying to contact the Baluarte Zoo, to try and buy some animals.
I'm interested in Mandarin Ducks, Pheasants etc...

I can't find any contact details!! (Frustrating!!!!)

Would you know how to contact them??


0939-8879-826 / 0935-2507-021 / 0915-6842-254

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