Most Inspiring Batangueño Entrepreneur Award

I am most appreciative and honored to have been given the Most Inspiring Batangenya Award, by GoNegosyo, and handed over to me by Governor Vilma Santos at the Provincial Auditorium, Batangas City.
"Most inspiring Batangueño Entrepreneur -Special Award for establishing as the online portal that showcases the beauty of the province and its people, thus helping promote tourism in the province. "Her success has proven the Batangeuño's ability to utilize their innate sense of resourcefulness, determination and enthusiasm in developing profitable entrepreneurial ventures that uplift lives and contribute towards economic development."Signed by Jose Ma A Conception and Governor Vilma Santos Recto Given on the 7th day of November 2008"

Batangas is my old hometown, thus I felt compelled to accept the award in person, even though I am still recovering from a massive surgery. I also went to honor my ancestors who were from there and my father Ramon A Limjoco, who was the Charter and founding President of the Batangas Chamber of Commerce and the Batangas Lion's club in the 1960's. I want to give credit to my own mentors, Dennis Patterson who forced me into learning web design and Photoshop, and to my first cousin Joel Limjoco Pastor who allowed me to put up all the sites I wanted, such as our clan site. 

Diana Limjoco for the gonegosyo award for Most Inspiring Batangueno special category

Diana Limjoco for the gonegosyo award for Most Inspiring Batangueno special category
Diana Limjoco for the gonegosyo award for mosting Inspiring Batangueno given out by Governor Vilma Santos Recto of Batangas province
Governor Vilma Santos (in pink) and me in Brown.
I really could not have done this without the collaboration and skills of my hubby, Dave Dewbre who is CEO of our corporation, Digital Web Group, Inc.The trip really wore me out, but I am home safe and will most likely spend the weekend recovering in bed!
Congressman Brionnes, Gov. Vilma Santos, Diana J. LimjocoI am most appreciative of the award which I didn't expect at all from

My parents Helen and Ramon Limjoco

Diana Limjoco, our daughter Alysha and hubby Dave DewbreGo Negosyo's new book launched: 55 Stories of Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs 


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Entrepreneur Award

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