Saturday, July 26, 2008

Subic Gurl Friends

Diana Limjoco,and Kahna Verzsa.I took these photos last month. A fun night was had by all.
Cheryl Singzon and Kahna Verzsa cutting up. I met some new "old friends" in Subic in the last few months. Cheryl Singzon who arranged for us to be extras in the Filipino movie, "My Best Friend's Girlfriend", has been a great resource for information and is fun to hang out with! It's always fun and nice to meet other confident and modern ladies. (In the top photo L to R: Cheryl, me, Khana)
Cheryl Singzon and Kahna Verzsa cutting up.Then she introduced us to Kahna Verzosa, whose family owns the Subic Park Hotel and she is it's GM. What a great gal!! We had them both over one night and starting goofing around! I plied them with wine and we all got silly! So here are those shots wine induced me to take!
Actually I am old enough to be their Aunty, so I have adopted them and am now their Aunt Mame!
I got really bad leg cramps the night before last and it left my
calves knotted up, so last night I threw a massage party here at the house and had them over to luxuriate and relax together! Now that was relaxing!

Gotta love being a gurl!

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