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Thoughts on Motherhood

When I first put up this blog in 2008, our daughter Alysha was only a year old and wasn't talking yet. I was 59. I was wishing she could talk so that I could communicate with her. She is now 6, (going on 30).  I have to say, it's so much better now that she can tell me what she wants.

It was never my ambition to be a mother, and since the Universe contrived a situation which removed my ability to conceive, I simply accepted it. In fact, I felt I had so much to work out on in my  youth, that it would have been selfish and detrimental to myself and my child to have had one.

Now that I am going on 64, I have mortality issues. I worry I won't be around long enough to fully teach her all that I want her to know about our world, other people and life itself.  I know that is counterproductive, and I do indeed try to live one day at a time and make the most of it. But once in awhile, I do prepare for the time I won't be around.

She has started school and lives with my even more e…