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Empowered Women Of Achievement Award 2012

I feel truly honored to have been one of a select group of women chosen to receive the Empowered Women Of Achievement Award 2012. The event is organized by an independent group of Filipino artists and fashion designers. The first gown designed for me, sight unseen, was truly remarkable. But then you be the judge.

Photos taken by Toné McGuire. He made the photo shoot so fun and brought out the best in me. It's so different to work with a photographer who gives you feedback and direction.

Hair and makeup by David's Salon on Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City, gown by Goullee Gorospe, location: Hotel Centro, PPC, Palawan.

There will be an actual Award Dinner this coming Dec. 15th in Manila. I am hoping I can re-arrange my schedule so that we can attend!
Many thanks to the panel of judges for choosing me along with all the other remarkable women on the magazine cover, who I am looking forward to meeting!

What is amusing to me is my placement on the magazine cover. I am probably the…

Blogging Away

Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Here I sit with hair still wet from just having had a nice refreshing shower, blogging away.

After a lot of work on both our parts, Dave and I finally have built a cozy place together. I am sitting here on my cogon thatched roof native deck, happier than I have been in, well I just can't remember, except perhaps the time I had another farm in high up in the mountains and far away Montague, California in the early 80's.  From the cool clean alpine abode in Northern California, and miles away from my desert home in Tucson, Arizona, I have finally landed where I want to be. Back in my native Philippines. Where I was born and raised.

Though not in my hometown of Batangas, I feel very at home here in little, sleepy Luzviminda.

I am feeling so happy, content, blessed and grateful. It's so good that I want to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Even though there is a whole palate of landscaping to do, herb gardens to sow,…

Life in Luzvviminda, Palawan

Wow, as of September 21 we started staying out on our land in our loft apartment above the barn/workshop/kitchen area. It's in Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines! Whew!

It's quite a switch from our elegant Subic Freeport digs. It's sort of my tree house, although not built in the trees, we are at tree level when looking outside. A wall of green surrounds me, so peaceful, quiet and so very relaxing to live here.

It all started as a huge barn to house the materials we needed for the master bedroom cottage we were initially going to build. We didn't want the building materials exposed to the weather while gathering supplies so we built this huge tin covered barn. Building materials aren't always easy to get out here.

The upper storage deck wound up so tall and large that we both measured for height and made a apartment above the barn to live in without waiting to build the main house or master cottage we wanted.

I am so happy. I feel like I am camping w…