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Just more rambling

It's hard to believe that I'm going to be 66 this year. Now I know why people always say, "it's just a number".  The mind doesn't feel age, except in wisdom gained through life's experiences, if you have strived for it. The body, on the other hand, is feeling it. Not that I ever had a strong body to begin with.

When I was just an infant, mom said I had a bad case of chickenpox, and nothing my grandfather, a physician, administered would help. They finally called in an "albolario", as they are called here in the Philippines, at least where I'm from. She was a natural herbal healer. She simply boiled some gauva leaves and had them bathe me in the guava water until I showed signs of improvement. Which apparently I did soon after the treatment.

My proclivity towards more natural forms of healing have persisted till this day. When my mother wound up with advanced stages of breast cancer, she beat it with all natural therapies, no chemo or radiat…