Saturday, April 20, 2013

Exclusive Feature C Magazine May 2013 Issue

My story about Dave Dewbre's etrike project in Palawan was featured in C! Magazine's May 2013 Issue. I document his adventure in research and development in electric tricycles.

Charley Boorman, celebrity biker host of Freedom Rider's Asia dropped in to check out the e-trikes and had a good time driving one around Luzviminda.

The magazine feature talks about the evolution of the different models Dave has developed and he talks about the problems people are having with after sales service and parts. A very big issue in this new field. I also talk about how then Mayor Edward Hagedorn was the first person to convert a regular gas trike to electric back in 2008 with the help of Rolly Conception and how Dave became involved with him in developing the successive prototypes.

On this page top photo is Dave with one of his 3000 watt electric motorcycles and his eT4 tricycle taxi prototype,  driving the half moon shaped eT3 etrike prototype is Mayor Edward Hagedorn.

Top photo left to right, Dave Dewbre, Diana Limjoco, Charley Boorman. Bottom center photo is Buch Chase, Philippine Motocross here and Charley.

Charley dropped by our place where we have all Dave's models and then we had a little surprise lunch prepared for him at the famous Kinabuch restaurant in town. A bonus was that our own Motocross icon, Buch Chase who owns Kinabuch, was around for the shoot and wound up taking Charley along with the Tamilok motorcycle riders on a back road ride in Napsan.

Charley test driving Dave's eT3 prototype electric trike

A behind the scenes look at a portion included in Freedom Riders Asia Philippine edition

Dave, Charley and Buch Chase. He was served Tamilok, a local delicacy. It's a mollusk but looks more like a large flat worm which he bravely chugged down.
Charley and Dave discussing the next plan of attack.
Dave Dewbre sells some of the fastest and upgradeable electric motorcycles on the planet at his online store:

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