Monday, July 14, 2014

Adorable rescued kitty

Last week my husband and I were driving along the highway heading to town and in the middle of the road, on the yellow painted divider I saw something tiny moving....after we zipped past it, I realized it was a kitten! I begged my husband to go back, we already have so many rescued animals he wasn't too thrilled about it, but I knew if we came home and I saw it as a splattered ink spot, I would feel guilty all my life about it. So he relented and took me back. There were cars zipping and weaving as we approached it and I thought for sure it was a goner!

This is the poor lil guy after I grabbed him from the highway!
However we managed to safely pull over about 15 feet away and I ran over to it. The poor thing was so scrawny and thin, it could hardly move! I called to it and it began to stagger over to me! However it wasn't moving fast enough so I ran over to it and picked it up and brought it back to the truck.

I had to de-f;ea the lil guy, clean his ears of mites, put ointment in his eye and get him fed
before we introduced him to our other rescue, a puppy named Lucy! Here they are trying to get to each other through the screen slider.
Holy moly, it was flea ridden, skinny as could be and had mucous in it's left eye. But it did seem grateful to have some comfort and it just sat peacefully in my lap. I called my mom, who lives in town where we were headed. She made up a box for it, and put in some milk and readied some ophthalmic eye medicine to put in it's eye. She's the best mom! I got my love of animals from her and my dad.
When we let him out after 3 days, he ran into an image of himself in the mirrored glass door and caused himself quite a fright!
He was so frail and thin, he walked like a tin soldier, all stiff and wobbly! He would occasionally even fall over. But what an indomitable little spirit he had to survive with such a cute personality.

While I was playing a game on my iPad, he looked up and saw things moving on the screen and even tried to play with them. He even looks up and watches TV or a movie on my PC monitor!

Here he is on the 3rd day, much stronger and very aware of his surroundings, especially games on my iPad! He trys to swipe at the moving things too. He especially enjoys any movies with animals in them.
We finally named him CatMan, as he has a hero type mask and flys all over the room now. Here is a rare quiet moment with our puppy Lucy napping on our bed.
After napping they like to play, usually all over the room, but I was able to capture them gently playing pretty much in the same spot on my bed. Take a look at them's just too adorable. They are now best of friends, these two. It's amazing how gently Lucy is with him.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Handy stuff with our bamboo

We have several bamboo groves on our property. Consequently, we build a lot of things with it. Here are a few of the things we have made with the help of local carpenters, who had never made anything like these things before. I think they did well.

Bamboo dish drying rack. I bought a wooden one many years ago, and it lasted so long, but it finally fell apart and our assistant Jhun Solis, who is not really a carpenter copied it and rebuilt it in bamboo! I love it don't you?
Bamboo jewelry tree! I have so much bling. They were stashed for many years in clear boxes and I had to dig through each one to find what I wanted. Now it's all there for me to pick and choose. All with scrap bamboo from building our native deck. It also doubles as a hat rack!
When we built our new bedroom cottage, I didn't have anything to put the towels on and when I shopped for stainless steel towel rods, there were so expensive. Having seen these in a couple of hotels we stayed in, I showed the carpenter a photo and they came up with this. It works quite well.
Our entire wrap around deck is bamboo as are the guard rails.
Our place is small and there was nowhere to put our mops, dustbins etc., and they were always in sight, which wan't great, so I had them build this broom closet on our deck.  It now hides the necessary, but eyesore household tools.  It looks pretty good I think.

Bamboo kitchen cupboards. Again when I went to the local hardware store, the modern cupboards were so expensive, even so, I was willing to pay for them, but they were out of stock! So once more, our handy carpenters followed my instructions and came up with there. In back of the tea kettle is a screened bamboo wall, to keep with the open airy theme and allow ventilation. Things get moldy when totally closed up in the tropics.
I only have a small amount of counter space, and the microwave took up quite a bit of it, so we had the carpenter retrofit it into the far left cupboard. It works quite well there and I have my space back!

Bamboo couch bench! Dave even added electrical outlets for me to charge my laptop and ipad with.
Close up of the electrical outlet which is power by solar cells!
Crooked bamboo for the railings. The carpenters were not going to use the crooked bamboo, but I think it is beautiful. I had them come up with their own design for the railing with my basic guidelines. They once more, did a great job. We have a lot of coconut shells from making coconut milk.So we used them as end caps to keep the water out of the bamboo so they don't get waterlogged and begin to mold. A fried of ours said they look like dancing stick figures. That works for me.

Read more about the sustainable things we are learning to do on my other blog.

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