Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Medical Tourism Philippines

Had an almost week long stay at St. Luke's Medical Center in Global City, Taguig. Some sort of unidentifiable virus, caused me to be in isolation with no guests allowed.  One of the things I have to work on is my immune system apparently.  One thing I am glad about is the cost of health care in the Philippines and it's no wonder that it is becoming a center for medical tourism.

When I left the States, my health insurance was costing me $850.00 per month because I was over 55 years old.

One night at a hospital in Tucson, Arizona, including my insurance deductible cost me over $7200.00 for a shared room. They left me alone so long that my IV was actually pulling my blood back into the IV bottle, instead of the other way around!  The visit did not include any xrays, or extensive tests either.

At St. Lukes, I was given  X-rays, CT scans, extensive blood tests and a team of 5 doctors, plus a beautiful private suite with my own fridge and microwave.  There are restaurants and even a Starbucks on the ground floor. Dave ordered online for food delivery, since unfortunately, as good as the care was, the food wasn't up to my palate and it was nice to have good gourmet food delivered to my room.

My room had a PC with free internet and even a printer scanner. I had no energy for any of that, but if you're in business and stuck in a hospital, I suppose they would come in handy.

The lounge area in my suite and office center. Not that
I needed one or even was up to using it. I brought
my own ipad and laptop!
They also allow family members to stay with you to make sure you get the care you need and be there for you emotionally as well. All of this cost me $3400.00, because when you are over 60 years old here, you get 20% off your hospital care and doctors fees as well.  If you aren't a senior, do the math and add back the 20% to that bill and compared to a hospital stay in the States for a shared room, it's still a bargain.

One thing of note however, your assigned doctor at any hospital charges 20% of your room rate. I had this suite and the bill would have been much less if I just had gotten a private room without all the bells and whistles.

The nurses and all the staff were so friendly and made me feel comfortable as possible under the circumstances.  When I checked out, I was given a list of all the attending doctors, with their contact numbers and a full list of prescriptions with concise instructions on how and when to take them. And all the hospitals do take credit cards, which definitely helps, since who carries around cash for an emergency visit, which mine was.

Dave got himself an executive check up at the St. Luke's Wellness center on another trip.  I was able to wait for him in a lovely lounge with lots of snacks to keep me from freaking out from low blood sugar. They have all the equipment for tests there so you don't have to go down to the areas where all the sick people are and wait around there.

Here's a list of their Check up packages, and if you live in the United States., I am sure you will agree that it's worth the flight here.

The doctors and nurses are all highly trained as well. The portable Xray machine looked like a girafe which I thought was a cute touch.

It's never fun to be ill and I hope to never have to stay in a hospital again. But I have to say that compared to hospital care in the U.S. the Philippines is a better choice, not only for costs but for the highly skilled Physicians, nurses and technical staff.

Entry way to my suite at St. Luke's,
Taguig with my own fridge and microwave,
and behind the cabinet next to the fridge;
hidden was lot of shelves and a safe to
store your personal items.
I was given a CD of all my tests when I checked out as well as written reports. Every doctor that is listed and works at the Hospital has computer access to your files when you have the tests done there. This makes it really handy too.

This trip to the hospital made me realize that our time on Earth is precious and I am making a lot of changes to my daily life and my own attitude towards certain things as well.  I am glad to be alive and each and every moment is a gift that I will treasure.
Huge fruit basket, a whole watermelow, and other goodies
buried underneath what is showing.

My executive Suite at St. Luke's, Taguig

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