Friday, July 25, 2008

Health, Wealth and Happiness

I have thought about what people say about health, wealth and happines. Of late I am missing the health part, and I can tell you all the rest don't mean much without it.

I have been having a battle with health most of my life, but the last few years have been an swim upstream!

Just when my life is so full; a great hubby, a baby in the house and I'm finally near my parents and living in my beloved Philippines after spending most of my adult life in the United States, my health has taken a real down turn.

It's so hard to keep my spirits up when I can't get my body to cooperate! Yet I am still filled with so much gratitude for all the other blessings in my life! I figure, it could be even worse. Especially when I look all around me and see other people in much more difficult life situations.

At least I am surrounded by those that really love me, and the natural beauty of Subic is so aweinspiring.
I took that photo of the Oriole in the tree outside my bedroom window!
Ahh well, enough self pity. Time to go play with Alysha, I hear her wanting attention!

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