How MCTV15- Channel 15 Started

Setting the Record Straight As a major fundraiser for the annual 4th of July fireworks on the city of Mt. Shasta's local TV station, Channel 15, I wanted to put on a show about them.  I approached the City Administrator at that time, Joe Riker about it.  He then drove me to the Community center, opened up a door in the basement, we had to move chairs that were stacked all around, he took me to a corner where a funky tube TV sat on a rolling TV stand with an old VCR (we were already up to VCHR then) attached to it. Upstairs in the room where the Mt. Shasta City council held their meetings, there were fixed view, black and white security cameras attached to the live feed wire, and from there, the feed went to the TV and VCR. Someone had to personally go down to the basement and start the VCR to record the meetings each time.  When there were no Council meetings to air, Channel 15 broadcast text messages on a blue screen with public service, and city announcements. I called it t

Memories of Batangas City Cathedral

Immaculate Conception Cathedral Batangas City, Batangas Built-in 1851- photo was taken in 2000. As a child, growing up in Batangas, Batangas; it was not yet a city in the l950's, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, was an integral part of my childhood memories, just as it was for my ancestors from the time it was built. I was baptized in 1948. I am no longer a churchgoer, but the memories of this church seem to form a base in my core, and the essence is instilled within my soul. I was baptized beyond the doors in the back of the narrow, winding staircase in 1948. Every time I entered the cathedral I felt peaceful. I loved beautiful paintings, tall ceiling, and statues of all saints. I felt a reverence and desire to always keep the images alive within me. When I was about 8 years old, I even had dreams of becoming a nun. I watched every saint or biblical movie I could. I always preferred to go into the church when there was no mass. I liked being alon

Discovering El Nido

This is a late post, but El Nido always seems to be in the news of late and I haven't been back. We actually went to Corong-Corong, El Nido, a beach just before the town itself in January of 2015. It was blustery and not still and quiet waters like you seen in the postcards. I never did get to swim as the waves made it uncomfortable on my bad back but it was truly beautiful. We did try to drive into El Nido town in our truck, but the roads are too narrow to accommodate it so we stuck to Corong, Corong where we were able to park on the lot of a friend's friend. The town of El Nido as of this writing is very congested. The water in Bacuit bay has coliform bacteria due to raw sewage running into it. But people still throng there and once you get out of town on the tours to the various coves, all seems well. Personally, I am more of a forest elf, but I do upon occasion, enjoy the beach. I do like going out to snorkel in the sea on our banca, which is much different that sitting

A Walk down my road

I was in Manila for  two weeks getting overhauled in a hospital for a week, and staying with good friends there afterwards. It was nice seeing friends I never get to see and strangely. I saw more friends from Palawan there that I never see in town. Odd to run into more of them in Manila than where I live. It's always wonderful to get back home after seeing nothing but sky scrappers, except for the verdant garden at the friend's house I was staying at. But for that little oasis, I might have gone nuts. It was nice to go for a walk down the road I live in and see not one concrete structure, but the road. Here is what I like to see, not much of anything but green and verdant valleys. It help me remember why I love Palawan. I have been so upset over the approval of a coal fired electric plant and the  Ocean Park  in a marine sanctuary, I almost forgot why I live here. Mangingisda Road. This is walking back towards my house from the Mangingisda Pier. A very common sight

Life in Puerto Princesa update

We moved to Palawan after searching other islands for our retirement base. I liked Palawan because it was so pristine compared to other cities. I also loved the fact that earthquakes don't happen here, nor the ferocious winds of the Typhoons that strike Luzon and other islands. In 2009,when we moved here, it was a laid back town. Not much of anywhere to shop for groceries except for NCCC and the public markets. I hated NCCC because they constantly blared Christian music so loud I couldn't even think straight, much less remember what to buy. I don't have anything against Christian music in general, except I didn't expect to have it blasted in my ears at a Supermarket!!! I think that should be left to churches. If I wanted to listen to that type of music...I definitely would have gone to church to hear it. To make matters worse, at checkout, they would stop the process to pray!!! This drove me crazy and I actually had to force them to stop praying and continue to check

How not to do laundry

by Vince Naso 1971 It was 1971, and I was 21 when I met a lovely man many years my senior, named Vince Naso. I think he was about 36 at that time. We hit it off right away and we were literally inseparable. Not long after, much to the chagrin of my conservative parents, we bought a house together and proceeded to set up house and home. I had been raised in the Philippines with household staff and ridiculously unaware of anything as mundane as putting things away etc. It was never asked of me to do one stitch of household work or any of the cooking. In fact, it never dawned on me to even consider it. Simply oblivious. When we moved in together, I pretty much winged it.  I always was fairly precocious, if not experienced, but here is one incident that backfired on me. One day he asked if I did laundry. Thinking, Hell everyone in America does laundry, they have washing machines. I mean how hard can it be?  I was pretty smug. In the Philippines, we had laundry people, and my mom did

Just Something Otterly Fun

Villagers brought me 3 baby Asian small clawed otters last year and I have raised them since then. Here is just something light and fun to watch for today. They are now 8 months old. Unfortunately, one of the pups died earlier this year, which broke my heart, but he is here still enjoying his life. I miss little Owen, but I he would have died when his mother least I know he had a good a life as I could give him while he lived.